HTC Desire S: The Smartest Smartphone

Just when you think that there is nothing else they can do to make something better, HTC surprises you! Imagine how happy people were when they got hold of the HTC Desire. Reviews are overwhelmingly outrageous. They claim to have the best phone, and they are satisfied, they could not ask for more. Well, they better ask for more because here is more. Hold on to your seat as another smartphone turns genius! Introducing, a much better HTC Desire – HTC Desire S.

A lot of people who purchased HTC Desire were really satisfied with the smartphone’s cool and very convenient features. Imagine how more satisfying it would feel once you own a more developed HTC Desire – it could be a blast. The new HTC Desire S gives more exciting features far better than its predecessor, you would never thought that it is even possible. vivo v20

This new HTC smartphone is way slimmer than HTC Desire which still features a wide 3.7 inch touch screen with 480 x 800 resolution. Oh yes, that is possible! But better hold on tight because there is more to this phone than eyes can see.

Internet browsing, which used to be an added feature of smartphones becomes the highlight of this genius technology. You can never imagine how fast and easy net browsing can be with this smartphone. A very small device that fits your palm can give you clear access to a whole new world of clear internet browsing. Adjusting the screen for a much clearer view is as simple as pinching a screen. No need to press buttons or go into a menu; it will seem as if you have a magic wand under your fingers. You can even switch browsers as you desire. This smartphone can also be sync to Google Reader, allowing you to read and get updated with latest bulletins and news anytime. You can even merge and organize all your emails to go into one inbox.

As if these are not enough, they also improved the quality of its camera now capturing images in High Definition quality. You would not believe how clear the pictures, and even videos, can be with this improved smartphone. The clarity is unbelievably impressive, almost impossible for a phone to do so! The good news is you do not need to bring video cam and digital camera as this smartphone now has a bigger memory highlighting 1.1 GB phone storage! You can capture moments in many different angles without worrying that you will run out of storage. You think those are fantastic, right? How about if you find out that you can even directly connect this to your television set if you want to browse your photo in a much wider screen? Whoa, right? Who would have thought all these are possible to be featured in a very small device such as your phone

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